Who, What, Where –An Animated Exploration

Choose a person, object or place (location) that you would recommend to someone visiting your country or city for the first time. Your chosen subject should not be your typical tourist attraction or destination, but rather someone/something/someplace that would afford a visitor an authentic experience. Establish a story or narrative around your choice and create a piece that involves a sequence of events in short video, animation, movie, stop action, etc., about your subject. Consider sound as an element within your narrative.

The important thing to choose a subject that gives a new visitor the opporutnity to experience your city or country in a genuine and unique way. What manner of presentation will you employ to introduce your subject in the most significant way?

Project Format: video, animation, short film, or stop motion

My theme: Popular Chinese Internet Memes

In this amazing animation, it will introduce five popular Chinese Internet memes.
1. 给力 [ gěi lì ] (gay lee) Synonyms:“cool”,“awesome”,“exciting”
2. 蛋疼 [ dàn téng ] (dan tone) Synonyms:“bored”,“shocking”, “unexpected”
3. 囧 [ jǐong ] (gee uh ong) Synonyms:“Are you serious?”, “Really?”,“disappointment”, “misunderstanding”
4. 蛋定 [ dàn dìng ] (dan din) Synonyms:“no worries”,“calm down”, “chillax”
5. 坑爹 [ kēng diē ] (ken dee-a) Synonyms:“swindle”, “fast one”, “trick”, “to deceive”

Enjoy this video
Welcome to China!

Animator: Musen Lin

Vocal: Lola Ye


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