Synesthesia Project

Synesthesia is a perceptual condition of mixed sensations: a stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., hearing) involuntarily elicits a sensation/experience in another modality (e.g. vision). Likewise, perception of a form (e.g., a letter) may induce an unusual perception in the same modality (e.g. a color).

Our group is about smell. We decide to connect smell with sight. It means when you smell something, you can see something that related to the smell.

Our prototype is based on the story. According to the story, we try to give our audience some distorting feeling when you are smelling coffee beans.

How it works?

open box—wear glasses—smell coffee beans—see distorting things

First of all, we buy three containers and some coffee beans. We decide to use illustration paper to separate the space,  in which place coffee beans and glasses.

We try to put different glues on transparent plastic to see the effects.

We use laser cutter to make some glasses for testing.

Users are testing our first mockup.

Our final prototype

We put some nail polish on glasses. The effect is perfect!

Dear Lucille version

We print some labels for distinguish different box.

Final version!

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