Interview Mapping – Data Visualization

Interview pairings. Each interviewer will choose a topic to address and conduct the interview over the course of 10 minutes. Document interviews with audio or video recording. The interviewer will map the conversation with their subject by making note of the development of the narrative that has just transpired. Visualize the path that the interview took, taking into account key events, secondary ones, as well as main characters or personalities. What primary locations were involved? The final project should consider an inventive visualization of the interview, either by diagramming or mapping the interview, paying close attention to the visual context of the narrative. Break out into pairs and begin conceptualizing, open discussions, questions, etc.


Interviewee: Elizabeth Umbrino

Time: 10 mins, Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Location: Parsons 2 W 13th, 11th Floor Room 1108

final 副本

Key words:

European, New York, Florence, Art, painting conservation, travel, dream, street, difference, friends.


the Creation of Adam, Michelangelo


concept – sketeton


Add more details about school life in Florence, like visiting churches. Here is the list of churches that she visited in Florence.

未标题-1 副本

Final version

some icons from  Quagliotto Olivier from belgium.

Here is his original work:


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