Animation Concept Final Project – Hear Me Out

Finally, I made it. However, the time is extremely limited, I tried my best to draw as much as I can. I finished two parts of my animation. If it is possible, I do wish I can finish the rest part of my animation next semester. What’s more, I also design a CD cover to make it has a better version effect.

Based on the discussion last week, I reworked the butterflies part, just hand drawing.

Here is the final version of my animation.

From this class, I learnt lots of things about animation and softwares. I really appreciate that Tracy and my amazing classmates give me very kind critic and suggestion. Thank you so much!!!

For my animation, Special thanks to Tracy, you give me courge to do this one(hand drawing animation)  . Thank you Eddy Liu, you made this very beautiful song and free share it with me and my classmates. Thank you Sylvia Yang, as my model to help me to record video. Thanks again.


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