Major studio project3 – FIVE IN FIVE #1 data visualization-Empire State of Mind

In this week, my major studio project is FIVE IN FIVE.

5 Projects in 5 Days will look at chance operations as a way to generate ideas and attempt to break out of routine methodologies so that you develop the ability to trust unexpected, even circuitous ways of thinking.


You will be required to produce 5 projects in 5 consecutive days, starting from Oct 9-13 (Sun-Thu). Even though the project cycle is short, the creative potential is high. Each piece should be a stand- alone accomplishment, but it may be possible that the suite of projects will show a process of cre- ative evolution, or variations on a theme that you will define.

Determine your own parameters. You will begin by defining a creative constraint that provides a rich opportunity to explore a topic or theme. You can use your experience from the previous map- ping project as inspiration to begin the process. The constraints must reflect your vision and point of view and should reflect an internal logic. It can be as simple as a spectrum of colors, the number and names of subway stops from your home to school, the initials of your classmates’ first and last names in this class, the verbs in the first paragraph of this sheet, etc., as well as found media and information from the internet –the goal is to open yourself to collecting random subjects that you can mine for creative experiments leading to some form of interactivity.

Execution and documentation

Each project can be in any form or medium but it must be finished and documented during the course of the day. Allott some time during the day when you can begin and work on the project, be diligent and concentrate on the benefits of working on this activity so that your work exhibits con- ceptual and material integrity. You have to plan the appropriate presentation strategy for your presen- tation of the 5 projects.



My thesis is NEW YORK | IMPRESSION. I will use different media to create five different projects. All of my proposal are related to the impression from New York City. From my perspective, I want to record the impression on me.


My first proposal is about data visualization. I collected the words from the lyrics of the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I classify the words that are mentioned by singer as place, people, food, car, music, games, etc. What’s more, I organize the words to compose a map of NYC.


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